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What to Do When Elderly Parents Don’t Bathe?

Being a family caregiver is difficult, especially without the assistance of a home care agency in Kansas City, Missouri. It gets much more difficult when the tables are turned and you must care for them in the same manner that they previously cared for you. This includes keeping an eye on your parents’ or loved ones’ … Continue reading

Causes of Social Isolation in Elderly Adults

No one wants to feel lonely or alone, yet for many seniors, this is all too often. Our children move away as we get older, we lose connection with friends, and it can be tough to get out of the house to socialize. All of these factors lead to senior isolation and loneliness, although in … Continue reading

Tips in Improving Mobility in the Elderly

If you notice your elderly loved ones are becoming less mobile, do something about it. Encourage them to stay fit as much as they can even in the simplest ways. Consider these tips from a home care agency in Kansas City, Missouri: Choose activity instead of exerciseExercise can sound so off-putting to most seniors, especially … Continue reading