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Why Do the Elderly Need Personal Care?

Personal hygiene is one of the factors that affect an elderly person’s health condition. A well-groomed elderly promotes positive feelings of self and can perform daily tasks. On the other hand, if the elderly are unhappy with their appearance, it creates a significant impact on their mood and how they present themselves. Hence, non-medical home … Continue reading

Traits to Look for In A Senior Caregiver

Looking for a Caregiver should be done with your loved one in mind especially when it comes to home care. Some seniors have certain medical conditions and disabilities that prevent them from being able to complete their daily tasks. For seniors living at home, it’s difficult to maintain the house, do daily chores, and take … Continue reading

Dealing With Loneliness in Seniors

One can easily feel lonely especially as they grow older and progress through a variety of stages in their lives. You might have observed such individuals whose confidence and enthusiasm for life are diminished after some time has passed by. You can find good Homemaking Services in Missouri that can help with one’s daily chores … Continue reading

Aging Gracefully: A Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Despite Old Age

Quality health is achieved with a combination of a healthy diet and staying active. One without the other would not result in overall well-being. But we know it, these are easier remembered than practiced. As we age, this health principle gets even harder to observe because of mobility issues. But, through non-medical home care in … Continue reading

Private Duty Care for Seniors: A Care for the Long-Term

Aging is an inevitable reality everyone must face. Reaching the waning years in life increases our need for care and support in doing activities of daily living. According to research, nearly 70% of seniors aged 65 need long-term care services. This figure is the main reason why private duty care continues to be an essential … Continue reading

Achieving Independence With Convenience

Independence is when a person can accomplish tasks by themselves. Convenience is when a person receives the right support when they need it. Although independence and convenience do not immediately contradict each other, both can be commonly assumed to be opposing each other. This should not always be the case – especially if you want … Continue reading