A Few Ways to Help Reduce the Risk of Falling at Home

A Few Ways to Help Reduce the Risk of Falling at Home

Did you know that one of the most common causes of injury at home for the elderly is caused by falling or slipping? One of the goals of home care is to make a home a safer place for the client. Caregivers provided through home care providers like our Home Care Agency in Kansas City, Missouri are trained to assess the home for any hazards that may be present and correct them.

Here are a few ways that we here at Just Wright Home Care Agency LLC think can help you reduce the risk of falling at home:

  • Try to keep the hallways clear of any clutter or debris.
    One of the easiest ways to help reduce the risk of falling at home is to keep it clean and organized. The risk of falling is drastically decreased if the hallways and walkways are clear of any obstruction or clutter that can be tripped over. Care agencies provide services like our Homemaking Services in Missouri which include light housekeeping to ensure that the home is kept orderly and organized.
  • Install bathroom safety equipment.
    Majority of falls at home happen in the bathroom. This is because bathroom tiles, showers, and tubs get slippery when wet. To reduce falls in the bathroom it is advisable to install bathroom safety equipment that can help the elderly keep their balance and support them. A few of bathroom safety equipment are toilet seat risers, bath transfer benches, and grab rails.
  • Create more space.
    A tight an enclosed living area can restrict mobility making it more difficult to move around the home. The difficulty of moving around can increase the chances that a fall may occur. Correct this by creating more space between furniture and in the hallways. Installing non-slip mats and handrails can also promote safety movement around the home.

Through our Non-Medical Home Care in Missouri, we can help you make your home a safer place.

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