Discover Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Older Adults

Discover Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Older Adults

As we enter the holidays, most of us are swept away in a whirlwind of festive celebration and gatherings with friends and family. Hence, eating healthily during the holidays can be a challenge, especially for seniors who adhere to a specific diet plan. As a provider of non-medical home care in Missouri, we will share healthy holiday eating tips for seniors:

  • Eat vegetables first
    Before hitting the buffet table for delectable holiday dishes, seniors should fill up their plates with vegetables first. Starting their meal with a high-fiber salad helps them feel full faster to slow down the eating process without overindulging when they are already full.
  • Continue your eating schedule
    A popular strategy during the holidays is skipping meals to overindulge in a heavy holiday dinner. Doing so leads to overeating which makes it difficult for seniors to manage their weight. An in-home caregiver offering homemaking services in Missouri can assist seniors with maintaining their eating schedule.
  • Use a smaller plate
    Another way to eat healthily is to use a smaller plate. Doing so limits the amount of food you can put on your plate so you become wiser with your choices. This allows you to choose three or four dishes before stepping away from the table.
  • Monitor salt intake
    The excessive salt content in meals can lead to water retention and high blood pressure. Through a home care agency offering meal preparation services, seniors can monitor their salt intake and maintain a healthy diet.

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