Tips to Avoid Depression in the Elderly


Seniors are prone to depression. Although common, it can be prevented. As a provider of non-medical home care in Missouri, we specialize in the overall health of the elderly. So, allow us to share our expert tips on how to reduce their risk of depression.

  • Continue to socialize. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun. You definitely can! Invite your family over, call your friends for a brunch date, or be friends with your neighbors. Stay in touch with the people close to you.

  • Live a healthy and active lifestyle. Eating healthy reduces your risk of certain diseases which can cause depression. It is also important to pair it with regular, moderate physical activity to maintain your independence. Consult your doctor about exercises you can do.

  • Always keep a level head. Do your best to manage or minimize your stress. Try yoga, deep breathing techniques, or other forms of meditation to help manage your stress. You also need to have enough quality sleep every night.

If you are having trouble with your daily living tasks, consider in home care services. Seeking professional assistance will ensure you accomplish your ADLs and live comfortably and safely while maintaining your dignity.

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