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Making it Easier for Your Loved Ones

As we grow older, it can become difficult for you or those that you love to live by yourselves. For this reason, you may want to find people who are able to make it easier each and every day. That is where we at Just Wright Home Care Agency LLC are able to do for … Continue reading

Private Duty Care for Seniors: A Care for the Long-Term

Aging is an inevitable reality everyone must face. Reaching the waning years in life increases our need for care and support in doing activities of daily living. According to research, nearly 70% of seniors aged 65 need long-term care services. This figure is the main reason why private duty care continues to be an essential … Continue reading

Achieving Independence With Convenience

Independence is when a person can accomplish tasks by themselves. Convenience is when a person receives the right support when they need it. Although independence and convenience do not immediately contradict each other, both can be commonly assumed to be opposing each other. This should not always be the case – especially if you want … Continue reading

Staying Connected to Prevent Isolation

Humans are social creatures and we easily connect with others in different situations. Unfortunately, we may find ourselves in situations where our interaction is limited. For example, a senior person living on their own would have little to no time to spend socializing. A homebound patient may have to stay at home and miss out … Continue reading

Reasons to Use Non-Medical Home Care Services

When you are exploring different long-term care options for a loved one, chances are you’ve heard about non-medical in home care. This care option is long-term care provided to clients that do not require skilled nursing or medical services. It is meant to provide support to a person’s physical and lifestyle needs to ensure comfort … Continue reading

Is Bathing Every Day Necessary to Stay Healthy?

Are you someone who showers or bathes every day? Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Almost two-thirds of Americans and an estimated 80% of Australians shower daily. And when asked why they choose to do it, the answer is almost unanimous: “because it’s healthier than showering less often.” China has one of the highest life … Continue reading