Tips in Improving Mobility in the Elderly


If you notice your elderly loved ones are becoming less mobile, do something about it. Encourage them to stay fit as much as they can even in the simplest ways. Consider these tips from a home care agency in Kansas City, Missouri:

  • Choose activity instead of exercise
    Exercise can sound so off-putting to most seniors, especially for those with reduced mobility, so instead of telling them to exercise, non-medical home care in Missouri suggests that you let them be more involved with the activities at home; dusting for instance or other light housework tasks.
  • Swimming
    Of course, with the supervision of an in-home care aide, seniors can always choose swimming for their pastime. The water will allow them to move easier where they can work their muscles out without bearing weight.
  • Improve your balance
    Improving mobility as the goal, seniors can opt for exercises such as yoga or tai-chi exercises. If the senior is able, gentle dancing in their favorite music can greatly help improve their balance too. Seated exercises will do, too, especially for those who need to remain seated or can remain seated for a limited period.
  • Diet
    To remain fit, a healthy diet is essential. Private pay home care services can help prepare for your elderly loved ones healthy meals

A provider of homemaking services in Missouri, Just Wright Home Care Agency LLC, will be more than glad to be of help in taking care of your senior loved ones. Reach us today!

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